Fourth Day in Libarary & Reading Room

Today, I came in Library & Reading Room of Pusat Bahasa,that is fourth day for me to present in that place. In this class the Lecture is Michael Ahmad and 6 student. Michael, seriously and sure to help solve toefl excerce for her student from Pemda Schoolarship. Michail, use brown shirt and black trousers. She is very beutiful and friendly for student and other people. She is sitdown in front of me and beside her student. In order, student from english class read megazine and look a book. They are diligent student, friendly and litle shy. I know that, main from aceh girl.

At 4 o’clock, Ms. Sarah came and she invited to watching movie in downstret. I go to office bahasa and i meet Mr. Faisal. He ask me; “ Can I help you?”. I say “Where Mushalla, I want prayer “. Then give place and sajadah to shalat. After that, I came to that room Movie and watching with other student.  The title of movie is Miliyuner in India. That film tell about man to straggle for get heart girl friends.


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