Terrible Library & Reading Room

Yesterday, I feel terrible day for me because people in the Library & Reading Room not friendly. At before yesterday, I am very enthusiesm to speaking with people in that place. When I have enthusiasm to speak with English student at sixth semester, she is no friendly and little face acid. She cut when I ask question for him. I know, my English speaking not good. In addition to, the teacher or native speaking no flexible and lazy. The teacher in this room not to join with people whit our. I am lazy to ask, discussion about English and speaking.

In my opinion, this library & Reading Room not only reading and borrow book,magazine and movie, but for me is speaking with native language.The speaking make me to confident and well spirit to fast can speak English. If go this library & reading room to read book and borrow, I think not good for me or not find new something. Maybe I can go to browsing internet or library university or library department,that is good solution. But if want to speaking native speaking, I think no place except Library & Reading Room.

This this terrible make me challenge to can speak English…I want try..try…and give up. I say to native speaking to give him time for me dispite not make more help….thank…thank…


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