Compress Folder/File (Zip) in Linux

I have task from Mr. Radhi to copy web pages to cd (burn cd). I contact my friend to do that task. No body can help me about that. I contact in BPDE, he can’t help and when ask to deputi, he can’t no help more. Oh my god, no body can help me. Finally, I try to come that server, with litle modal IP and with user and wrong password. I guess that user user and password and I can come that server. When I came, I don’t to do to take that data. But now, no problem. I can do with zip that folder and move to web folder and download from my computer or my router. That command I find in website This to do that, please can see:

zip -9 -r <zip file> <folder name>

example :

-bash-3.2$  zip -9 -r sitkessos

if you want compress file, can see:

zip -9 <zip file> <filename> 

After compress, I move that file in webpages folder /var/www/html/

then I download with wget , like hire

geo@proxy:~$ wget http://nameserver/

Tomorrow, copy to my computer and burn to cd…thank…Don’t worry Mr.Radhi….I can do all…..:-)


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