Make Letter Recomendation In Library & Reading Room

Today, I am confused about what to do. I have more task to finished. First, I must make 2 leter of recomendation. Secondly, I must make proposal master about weather modelling in english and Finaly, I must complate and prepared laboratory to teach my friend. Finaly, I try go to Libary & Reading Room becouse I remember Michael. I my head, for me no connected with native. I know that place not make more developt english. But when I meet Michael, that problem has solution.

Today, I am very glad when in Library & Reading Room. Ms.Michael has help me to correction letter of recomendation. We have finished 2 letter recomendation. I am very happy, because Ms.Michael can help me. Thank You Ms. are cliver and very help me. You are good teacher and I not will forget you…I hope……


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