Install GTK+ 2.10 on Windows Vista

GTK+ is an object oriented widget toolkit written in the C programming language; object orientation is achieved by using the Glib object system (GObject). On the X11 display server GTK+ uses xlib to draw widgets, an alternative choice that could have been made is to use Xt; using xlib provides flexibility and allows GTK+ to be used on platforms where the X Window System is unavailable. While GTK+ is primarily targeted at the X Window System, other platforms are supported, including Microsoft Windows, DirectFB, and Quartz on Mac OS X.

  1. First download gtk+ 2.10 at, chose gtk+-2.10.13-setup.exe in GTK+
  2. Doble Click on gtk+-2.10.13-setup.exe
  3. Click Next button to Continue
  4. Click Next button to continue, that is agreement
  5. Click Next button to continue,  that is select folder install
  6. Click Next button to Continue, this dialog chose packege
  7. Click Next button to Continue
  8. Click Next button to continue
  9. Now is finish installation, Click Finish button

After Click Finish button, see in Start menu windows like this



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