Play Music on Console in Linux Ubuntu

mocToday is fist day of Ramadhan fasting month 2009. After get u, take bath and do something, I power on Router Computer Linux Ubuntu and I take laptop IBM X.23 th Windows XP. Usually, I am play music with Totem Aplication in Router, but today I am lazy, because near Router has my young brother is sleeping. You know, In fasting month, sleeping is ibadah and merit (reward moral conduct in regelius).

Then I set network to pair with LAN cable and open browser and search software to run/play music on console in ubuntu linux. I find more software like moc, mp3bluster and mpg123.  Oke, this how to install and use such of that software.

moc software

  1. Download moc Software :
    sudo apt-get install moc
  2. After install, go to directory of mp3 or other music file
    cd  Desktop/mp3/ like in my Computer
  3. rum moc with command : mocp
    fajri@dexnonk-desktop:~$ mocp
  4. Play list with key enter

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